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82 responses to “Contact”

  1. Aman kansal says :

    hello sir,i want to subscibe ur commodity package

  2. erwin says :

    do you have free trial?

  3. Ismail says :

    Salam Alaikum Sir,
    I live in pakistan and I am not registered with any stock exchange but just want to buy and sell gold in the local gold market..Would I also be able to benefit from your packages?

  4. tara says :

    a true genius you are… amazing calls, many thanks

  5. jane edgell says :

    Just found your site. What currency are you speaking about? Thanks!

  6. jane edgell says :

    Thanks. Got it.

  7. tara says :

    Please provide me with gold alert email service. i never did cash
    out gold to buy cheap physical silver, too busy averting ww3, i cannot follow mkts at this time, i trust in you to do for me as i have not even had time for daily chats…
    i am working from inside to bring peace without
    as are many other brave souls in usa and around world
    We are up in years and have seen to much PAIN SUFFERRING AND DEATH… we gladly sacrifice selves if necessary for youth of this world so humanity survives….plEASE ADVISE VIA EMAIL

  8. Inno Cent Acsis says :

    hello sir,
    i m ashish frm nepal i just started trading since some days i found your site and became amaged to see your predictions i want to ask you that are your predictions generally correct . if yes i want to invest a large amount depending upon your prediction i know that you take no responsibility.

  9. imrangmd says :

    hello sir,

    can you please upload or send me performance sheet for nifty for last month as i could not see same on site.


  10. nilesh joshi says :

    which tools ur using to predict nifty levels becoz i believe nobody can say levels by using technical analysis , if u r using fibonnacci or pivot or any…. thats i believe if u knows another plz tell me

    • mohdarafat says :

      ever heard abt chart patterns ?
      i m using that
      Thanks for comment btw

      • jadavsiddharth says :

        sir, can you tell me which tools you apply for finding these accurate support & resistance of gold & silver ? i also want to subscribe comex gold & silver, plz contact me at

      • mohdarafat says :

        Hi Jadhav
        i usually follows patterns more than signals .
        u may read patterns like HNS , Cup Soccer , Double top , bottom , Triangle formations .
        Elliot wave analysis is also another way which i use in my calls

      • siddharth jadav says :

        hi sir, as you tell me to read all the pattern & Elliott wave, triangles formation i read all, but after that read i still not get perfect support & resistance as you, can you tell me the actual basic how you find that..!! its my request to you sir…!!
        hope you help me….

      • mohdarafat says :

        hi sid
        well cant tell you in short description how to do that
        i have told you many thing
        for exact things kindly join some good technical analysis classes

  11. rihays83 says :

    sir how to subscribe ur currency and gold analysis.
    im from Malaysia.
    please email me at

    gud job sir.

  12. zakki says :

    i want to subscribe for gold trading analysis..
    email me at

    and also elaborate, what will i get with this subscription..

  13. erwin says :

    I want to subscribe gold analysis.please email me at

  14. Pankaj says :


  15. Aziz ul haq says :

    How one can subcribe your services. Future predictions etc.
    Kindly send the details at

  16. Nadeem says :

    how can i see ur signals….??

  17. AHSAN KHAN says :

    i want to subscribe for gold trading analysis..
    email me at

    and also elaborate, what will i get with this subscription..

  18. akmal says :

    hi arafaat i want to subs for gold but want to know how much your predictions are accurate………………

  19. sabo says :

    i want to subscribe 4 gold call

  20. sabo says :

    i checked my mail but could not access anything, please send me details of how to pay for your gold calls.

  21. Junaid Khan says :

    Hi Arafat,

    I wud like to subscribe for ur tips. kindly mail the details. spacially for forex currency.


  22. deepak says :

    can i get a trail pack for two days in comex gold and silver contact no 09600709793

  23. Haq says :

    how much u charge for gold signals.

  24. MANI says :

    hi Arafat .
    i m in pakistan how could i sub ur prdic .and how i can pay ..

  25. ahmed says :

    em from pakistan and paypal is not availble in pkaistan so tell me some diffrent method

  26. manishmittal78 says :

    hi sir,
    i want to accuracy of your call in gold, silver

  27. deepak says :

    hi am from vellore as i would like to top up my account as a fresh trade but the usd inr is too high so pleasetell me when to transfer the money could be good as em trading in onecfd market (forex account)

  28. sanjay says :

    i want to trade i gold mcx with you send me mail in

  29. sanjay says :

    what is your gold package.

  30. Syed Zeeshan says :

    what is your gold & crude oil package.

  31. Ali Jiwani says :

    salamun alaikum bhaijaan m interested on your cal pls contact me om 9370786700

  32. siddharth jadav says :

    ok sir, thankyou…! but i try to understand actual what you do to find the actual analysis to find support & resistance…

  33. Syed Zeeshan says :

    Hi Arafat!!
    kindly update payment method except for paypal
    shall i pay through western union or credit card

  34. fitri says :

    hi, asalammulaikum, i’m from malaysia how to contact u by email.. how many signal for gold 1 day..tqvm

  35. fitri says :

    assalam,i try pm u, no answer, tqvm

  36. Farzana says :

    Hi Dear Mohammad Arafat
    I want to know about Euro/USD signals quantity per month and package rate…

    • mohdarafat says :

      we have converted euro pack into forex pack now you may get usd/jpy , aud/usd , usd/cad and eur/usd call in this package monthly you can expect 6-8 calls via email

  37. subbu says :

    I had sent a mail. Please reply Regds Subbhu

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