Gold forecast 03rd march 2015

Gold forecast 03rd march 2015

Gold forecast 03rd march 2015

XAU/USD ( Gold ) price trading at 1211$ today after making low of 1195$ , now if gold price click this low and manage to sustain below 1195$ support then expect gold to correct upto 1187$ – 1177$ .

If gold price click our resistance of 1222$ and manage to sustain above our daily resistance then expect gold to test upto 1231$ – 1240$ .

Gold forecast conclusion : Gold trend is weak till its trading below resistance

More will update to our subscribers


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Well nothing special about me a simple guy technical analyst by profession deals in commodities and major stock markets in the world

2 responses to “Gold forecast 03rd march 2015”

  1. Bala Guru says :

    Arafath ji can u tell dis week gold trend I am very critical zone ji pls help me I am physical trader I took jewell auction on bank per day 2 kilo I need to. Takeover untill 14 killo ji help like ur brother

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